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Frequently Asked Questions

Rules & Regulations

What is your pet policy?


We love pets, and always encourage bringing your furry friends to enjoy our RV park!

Our pet policy is as follows: 

Pets must be confined or kept on a leash at all times while present in the park. This is for the protection of not only your pet, but for other visitors and residents. It is your responsibility to ALWAYS clean up after your pet. If you fail to properly pick up after your pet, you will be given only one warning before fines are assessed. No dangerous or aggressive breeds/pets allowed in the park. These include, but are not limited to: Rottweilers, Dobermans, Pit Bulls, Akitas, or any combination thereof. No dogs shall be left outside without the owner present.  

How many vehicles am I allowed to park?

No more than two vehicles are allowed per site. No boats, jet ski's, or non-running vehicles will be allowed per site. Storage is available if desired.

Can I have guests? 

Management must be notified of, and approved of all guests staying overnight or longer. You are responsible for your guests. 

There is a maximum of 2 adults per site, as residents. (An adult is 17 years and older/or not attending school.) Each additional adult will be charged $5 per day, $14 per week, or $30 per month. 

What is check out time?


Check out time is 12:00 PM. You may stay later provided the space you rented is not reserved, and you pay an extra fee.

A few rules to be noted:

Speed Limits: Please be aware the speed limit is 10 MPH. 


Maintenance of your site: It is the resident's responsibility to maintain and keep the site tidy and clean. Unsightly storage under or around your trailer is not allowed. All garbage is to be contained and placed in the dumpster provided at the front entrance to the park. Long term residents are also responsible for upkeep of landscaping at your site. A fee will be charged to resident if staff is forced to clean up a site. 

Adjacent Lots: Please do not park in, walk across, allow your pet to trespass, or other wise use and/or damage adjacent lots, or neighboring sites. 

Quiet Hours: Quiet hours are from 10pm-7am. No audio devices shall be played louder than can be heard in one's own immediate area. Excessive noise of any kind if strictly prohibited.  Please refrain from using vulgar, loud, or obscene language and/or actions in the park.

Generators: Shall not be run in the park. 

Children: Must be supervised at ALL times. 

Risk/Damage: Willis RV Park is not responsible for the loss or damage to property of guests, residents, or renters. All facilities at this resort are used by guests, renters, or residents, at their own risk.

Refunds: There are absolutely no refunds offered, of any kind.

Campfires: No campfires are allowed unless it is contained in an approved above ground container. Please, do not damage sites or kill the grass.

Fishing/Boating/Watersports: All rules and regulations are to be followed and obeyed as enforced by the State of Texas. 

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